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Karl Mckenna/CEO/Founder:

Karl Mckenna, the Founder and Master Trainer of Vitruvian Health, plays a vital role in the organisation, driving the education and mentoring component for both trainers and clients. From the moment he became a trainer, Karl dedicated himself to extensive studies on the human body, encompassing anatomy, various training methodologies, nutrition programming, metabolics analytics, manual therapy, and postural correction. While the exact number of his certifications may be countless, what truly matters is Karl’s well-rounded and comprehensive knowledge base. This allows him to provide personalised advice to each client, taking into account their unique mindset, lifestyle, and goals.
Karl’s personal objective for every client at Vitruvian Health is to equip them with the necessary tools and education to initiate transformative change, enabling them to achieve their desired results and embrace a happy, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle. His commitment to empowering clients through knowledge and guidance serves as the driving force behind Vitruvian Health’s approach.